Client 1.12 released

Written for Crossfire Multiplayer Adventure Game by Lalo Martins on 2009-04-06

The 1.12 clients are released. Source tarball and Windows binaries are at as usual, and now also at launchpad. Deb packages for Ubuntu can be found at our new PPA at (I'm not sure whether or not they'd work on Debian, let me know if you try). RPMs weren't made, but if someone makes them I'll upload them :-)

Although I'm making the release, I'd like to take a moment to say that this release is largely the work of Kevin R. Bulgrien, who refuses to be called the client maintainer but is the de facto person who does the work. Kevin is responsible for the level of stability the v2 client reached in this release, as well as the Glade layout support, and a number of other cool new features.

A number of other people who made significant contributions also get our thanks (Mark Wedel, as usual, showed up to add some cool stuff, like themes and on-the-fly map resizing.)

Keep tuned to this channel for the content and server 1.12 releases.

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