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e2fsprogs (1.42~WIP-2011-07-02-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release  * Add support for 64-bit file systems  * Add support for bigalloc file systems  * Fixed an e2fsck bug which caused "*** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED ***"      without an explanation of what was fixed.  * E2fsck will no longer attempt to clone an extended attribute block      in pass1b handling if the file system does not support extended      attributes.  * E2fsck will be more careful accidentally asking the user to continue      if the file system is mounted, so that an escape sequence won't      cause a false positive.  (Closes: #619859)  * E2fsck now uses less cpu time in pass 5  * E2fsck will no longer segault when a corrupted file system has a bad    extent, and removing it leads to a block needing to be deallocated.  * E2fsck now supports an extended "discard" option which will cause      e2fsck to attempt discard all unused blocks after a full check  * The e2image program now supports the qcow2 format, a more efficient      way of capturing file system metadata snapshots.  * Mke2fs now supports the [devices] stanza in mke2fs.conf.  * Mke2fs now supports the reserved_ratio relation in mke2fs.conf.  * Mke2fs now creates extent-mapped directories for the root and      lost+found directories.  * Mke2fs will skip zero'ing the journal if the extended option      "lazy_journal_init" is specified.  * Mke2fs will now create file systems that enable user namespace      extended attributes and with time- and mount count-based file      system checks disabled.   * Mke2fs will not set a stride or strip size of one block based on       block bevice attributes obtained from sysfs.   * Mke2fs now displays a progress report during the discard process.   * Mke2fs now handles extreme file system parameters correctly which       previously caused the inodes per group to drop below 8, leading       to a segfault.   * Debugfs's icheck will now correctly find inodes which use the       searched-for block as an extended attribute block.   * Debugfs now has a new "punch" command which remove blocks from the       middle of an inode.   * The badblocks program now correctly recovers from I/O errors when       direct I/O is being used.  The badblocks command now also       supports a -B option which forces the use of buffered I/O, and       the -v option will provide a more detailed breakdown of read,       write, and failed comparison errors.   * Added e4defrag tool which uses the EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT ioctl.   * Added support for journals larger than 2GB.   * Support using both hard links and symlinks when installing e2fsprogs.   * Add overflow checking to tune2fs -i's fsck interval, which must fit       in a 32-bit field.   * Filefrag will report 0 extents correctly in verbose mode.   * Logsave's usage message has been fixed.  (Closes: #619788)   * Update translations: French, Chinese, Germany, Indonesian, Swedish,        Vietnamese, Polish, Dutch, Czech.   * Updated/clarified man pages. -- Theodore Y. Ts'o <email address hidden>  Sat, 02 Jul 2011 22:38:57 -0400

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Theodore Ts'o on 2011-07-03
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Theodore Ts'o
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