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 Python module that implements DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) email signing and verification (RFC6376). It also provides helper scripts for command line signing and verification.
As of 0.7.0 it supports DKIM signing/verifying of ed25519-sha256 signatures (RFC 8463).
As of version 0.9.0, it also supports the RFC 8617 Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) protocol.

Originally developed by Greg Hewgill - The code in this project has been modified and development work continued. This is now a fork of pydkim and we've renamed it dkimpy to avoid confusion. The original author of pydkim has confirmed he no longer intends to maintain it and supports this as its continuation.

Current documentation is available online at

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Latest version is 1.1.5

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  • Important Bug Fix Updates on 2023-04-30
    dkimpy 1.1.3 and 1.0.6 include a fix for a potential permissions race conditi...
  • Now with ARC! on 2017-01-23
    Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) support now included in dkimpy (as of vers...
  • Important Bug Fix Update on 2012-10-27
    dkimpy 0.5.3 addresses concerns raised by US-CERT in