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GNOME Do Released

Written for Do by Chris Halse Rogers on 2009-12-09

Quick on the heels of the short-lived 0.8.3, GNOME Do has been released with a couple of extra bugfixes.

The main attraction in the big top is a fix for the "Do sits there eating 100% cpu" bug. In the lesser rings are multiple fixes for crasher bugs, numerous Network-Manager related fixes, and some minor polish. Rumours of flying pink elephants remain unconfirmed.

GNOME Do 0.8.2 released

Written for Do by Chris Halse Rogers on 2009-06-30

Ponies for all!

A thoroughly bugfix release, with added Docky polish. Docky now supports extensible "docklets", found in the gnome-do-docklets source package.

Plugin handling has been made more robust - this should be the very last time that updating disables all your plugins!

GNOME Do 0.8.1 Released

Written for Do by Jason Smith on 2009-03-13

Rock Out With Your Clock Out.



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Do 0.8 "Rock out with your dock out" released!

Written for Do by David Siegel on 2009-01-29

Announcing GNOME Do 0.8. With 20 new plugins, faster search, better results, animated themes, and 111 fewer bugs, your desktop's killer app just got killer-er. Oh, and then there's Docky, a whole new way to Do

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Do 0.8 Alpha 3 Released!

Written for Do by David Siegel on 2009-01-18

This includes mainly bug fixes. All current alpha testers are
encouraged to update, and if you aren't currently testing, please join
the fun!

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