Do 0.95 "Classical Analysis"

Clean up some of the remaining technical problems with core - particularly, make core more resilient in the face of misbehaving plugins.

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Classical Analysis
Chris Halse Rogers
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Release notes 

Drop use of deprecated gnome-sharp libraries.

Now builds with Mono 3.0!

Compatibility with various GTK+ 3.0 file paths.

Major clean up of the Cairo code - resolved hundreds of deprecation warnings, and many many places where we were abusing the GC.

The next release should see a transition to GTK# 3.0.


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* Drop use of deprecated gnome-sharp libraries
 * Switch to GIO#
 * Now builds with Mono 3.0
 * Prevent users from setting known-broken keybindings
 * Allow regular plugins to trigger their own refresh cycle
 * Search in, and prefer, various GTK+ 3.0 locations
 * Clean up hundreds of deprecation warnings in the Cairo code
 * Clean up many, many instances where we relied on the finaliser
   to handle cleanup of Cairo objects. The GC should love us much
   more now!
 * Add a DebugItem action when debugging is enabled, to dump a bunch
   of useful information about an Item to Do's log

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