Do 0.4 "The Power is On"

Rocking it in with shiny new UI options, a core that now learns which items and actions you use the most and brings them to the top, and a handful of useful new plugins, Do just gets better.

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The Power is On
Chris Halse Rogers
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Release notes 

New UI features:
 * The standard UI popup now follows your GTK theme colours
 * Two new UIs, accessible by passing options to the gnome-do command:
   + --mini: A small, dark popup, useful for people with small screens (like the EeePC)
   + --darkframe: A dark popup with transparent border and smooth gradients, similar to the style of KDE's Oxygen

New core feature: Learning. The items, actions, and modifiers that you select are now recorded by Do, and used to provide a priority for objects in searches. The practical upshot? Use Firefox a lot, and it will become the first match for "f". Only ever use Rhythmbox's "Add to play queue"? It will automatically be selected when you select an album, rather than the "Play" action. This makes Do substantially faster for the tasks you perform frequently.

Finally, the Tomboy dependency has been stripped out. Do now has keybinding support without Tomboy installed.


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