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The alpha series of DownItNow! are not recommended for daily use, as it's functionality is not complete and may contain bugs.

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You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:downitnow

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Milestones and releases

16 of 6 results
Version Expected Released Summary
DownItNow! 0.0.3 "i can do whatever" None In this version most of the functionality is implemented and working, some mo...
DownItNow! 0.0.2 "plug me up!" None In this version all the GUI is operative, but not everything is implemented. ...
DownItNow! 0.0.1d "i18n-able!" None This release is completely translatable (or at least I hope so :P). The trans...
DownItNow! 0.0.1c "seems better uh?" None This release has less bugs, more functionality and is more stable! This is ge...
DownItNow! 0.0.1b "super (but less) buggy alpha" None This is an alpha and not recommended for normal users, it's here just for tes...
DownItNow! 0.0.1a "super buggy alpha" None This is the most alpha release, it is not finished and may contain tons of bugs.
16 of 6 results

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Latest version is 0.0.3

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