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The Drizzle project is building a database optimized for Cloud and Net applications. It is being designed for massive concurrency on modern multi-cpu/core architecture. The code is originally derived from MySQL.

The project is focused on making a database that is:
1) Reliable
2) Fast and scalable on modern architecture
3) Simple design for ease of installation and management

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Mailing lists: - General Drizzle discussion - Email benchmark results after each run - Email build information after each run - Sharing of information through conferences, workshops, classes, blogs

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Drizzle Umbrella Project
Drizzle Developers
Drizzle Developers
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7.2 series 

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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v2

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Drizzle 7.2 series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 7.2.4
released on 2012-09-23

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  • 7.2.3 Released on 2012-08-02
    Fix for CTRL-Z for shutdowns. Many updates for JSON server. Improvements comp...
  • 7.1.36 and 7.2.2 Released on 2012-05-23
    7.1.36 is maintance release. 7.2.2 includes new work enabling SSL connections...
  • 7.2.1 on 2012-05-08
    First alpha release.
  • 7.1.35 has been released. on 2012-05-08
    7.1.35 is a maintenance release for 7.1.
  • Fremont beta is out! on 2011-10-25
    That's right! It is finally here with all sorts of tasty goodness for you to...