Duplicity 0.7.02 Released

Written for Duplicity by Kenneth Loafman on 2015-03-11

New in v0.7.02 (2015/03/10)
* Merged in lp:~vincegt/duplicity/swift_regionname
  - Fixes bug #1376628
  - Add mapping of SWIFT_REGIONNAME to select region inside SWIFT when a
    provider proposes more than one region.
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/progress_option_error
  - Added test_exclude_globbing_filelist_progress_option into
    functional/test_selection.py, which shows the error reported in
    Bug #1264744 - that the --exclude-globbing-filelist does not backup
    the correct files if the --progress option is used. Test is marked as
    an expected failure so as not to cause the test suite to fail.
* Merged in lp:~noizyland/duplicity/fix_azurebackend_container_names
  - Azure Backend examples have underscores in the container names. These
    are not valid Azure container names. The underscores have been replaced
    with hypens and a note about valid container names added to the man page.
  - Also corrects a problem where Azure Exceptions were returing unicode
    strings that were not being handled correctly.
* Merged in lp:~user3942934/duplicity/pydrive
  - Currently duplicity uses gdocs backend for Google Drive backups.
    gdocs uses deprecated API and don't allow backups for managed Google
    accounts. (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/duplicity/+bug/1315684)
  - Added pydrive backend that solves both of those problems. Published
    also on https://github.com/westerngateguard/duplicity-pydrive-backend.
* Fixed some tabs/spaces problems that were causing install failures.
* Fixed variable typo in commandline.py that was causing build fails.
* Merged in lp:~duplicity-team/duplicity/po-updates
* Remove 'gs' and 's3+http' from uses_netloc[]. Fixes Bug 1411803.
* Fixed bug # 1414418
  - Aligned commandline.py options and help display contents.
  - Aligned commandline.py options and manpage contents.
* Changed --s3_multipart_max_timeout to --s3-multipart-max-timeout to be
  consistent with commandline option naming conventions.
* Applied patch from Adam Reichold to fix bug # 1413792.
* Merged in lp:~angusgr/duplicity/exclude-older-than
  - Add "--exclude-older-than" commandline option, that allows you to only
    back up files with a modification date newer than a particular threshold.
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/bug_884371_asterisks_in_includes
  - Added tests to unit/test_selection.py and funtional/test_selection.py
    to show the behaviour reported in Bug #884371, i.e. that selection is
    incorrect when there is a * or ** on an include line of a filelist or
    commandline --include.
* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/bug_932482_trailing_slashes_and_wildcards_error
  - Added functional and unit tests to show Bug #932482 - that selection does
    not work correctly when excludes (in a filelist or in a commandline option)
    contain both a single or double asterisk and a trailing slash.
* Misc fixes for the following PEP8 issues:
  - E111, E121, E122, E124, E125, E126, E127, E128, E201, E202, E203,
    E231, E241, E251, E261, E262, E271, E272, E301, E302, E303, E401,
    E502, E701, E702, E703, E711, E721, W291, W292, W293, W391
  - to run pep8 on duplicity use 'pep8 --ignore=E501'
  - see http://pep8.readthedocs.org
* Fixes for 2to3 issues
* Fix spelling error in manpage, bug 1419314.
* Fix _librsyncmodule.c compilation, bug 1416344, thanks to Kari Hautio.
* Really fix bug 1416344 based on comment #5 by Roman Tereshonkov.
* Fix for --pydevd debug environment and location under Eclipse.
* Fix for bug where scp was actually working as scp and not working with
  rsync.net because of using extraneous test command in restricted shell.
  Was trying "test -d 'foo' || mkdir -p 'foo'", now only "mkdir -p foo".
* remove extraneous string format arg in previous scp fix.

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