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Dustin Kirkland 
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Release notes 

[ Martin Pitt ]
  * src/utils/ecryptfs-setup-swap:
    - Add setup-swap-check-links.patch: When commenting out existing swap, also
      consider device symlinks like /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_1 or
      /dev/disks/by-uuid/ into account. Fixes broken cryptswap under LVM and
      manual setups. (LP: #1453738)
  * src/utils/ecryptfs-setup-swap, debian/ecryptfs-utils.postinst:
    - On upgrade, uncomment underlying
      unencrypted swap partitions that are referred to by a device link when
      crypttab and fstab have a "cryptswap*" device referring to them.
  * debian/control, debian/libecryptfs0.install,
    debian/libecryptfs0.links, debian/libecryptfs0.shlibs:
    - Rename libecryptfs0 to libecryptfs1 and adjust the packaging. It has
      actually shipped since at least trusty. Add
      C/R/P: libecryptfs0 for smoother upgrades, this needs to be kept until
      after 16.04 LTS.

  [ Tyler Hicks ]
  * src/utils/mount.ecryptfs_private.c: Implement proper option parsing to
    restore the -f option when unmounting and display a helpful usage message
    (LP: #1454388)
  * src/utils/mount.ecryptfs_private.c: Add an option, -d, to
    umount.ecryptfs_private to treat the situation where the encrypted private
    session counter is nonzero, after decrementing it, as a non-error
    situation. No error message is printed to stderr and the exit status is 0.
  * src/pam_ecryptfs/pam_ecryptfs.c: Use the new umount.ecryptfs_private '-d'
    option to silence the error message that was printed to stderr when the
    encrypted private session counter is nonzero after being decremented.
    (LP: #1454319)
  * src/utils/ecryptfs-umount-private: Return 1 if umount.ecryptfs_private
    encounters an error. The ecryptfs-umount-private script was previously
    returning 0 even when umount.ecryptfs_private exited upon error.
  * debian/control: Fix 'Please add dh-python package to Build-Depends'
    build warning

  [ Dustin Kirkland ]
  * debian/libecryptfs1.install, debian/libecryptfs1.links,
    - fix ftbfs, add missing files

 -- Dustin Kirkland <> Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:53:18 -0500


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