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Dustin Kirkland 
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Release notes 

  [ Dustin Kirkland ]
    - added a new file to describe how to contribute to ecryptfs
  * === added directory img/old, img/old/ecryptfs_14.png,
    img/old/ecryptfs_192.png, img/old/ecryptfs_64.png:
    - saving the old logos/branding for posterity
  * debian/copyright, img/COPYING:
    - added CC-by-SA 3.0 license
    - use the text version
  * img/ecryptfs_14.png, img/ecryptfs_192.png, img/ecryptfs_64.png:
    - added scaled copies of images used for branding
  * src/utils/ecryptfs-recover-private: LP: #847505
    - add an option to allow user to enter the mount passphrase,
      in case they've recorded that, but forgotten their login
  * src/libecryptfs/sysfs.c: LP: #802197
    - default sysfs to /sys, if not found in /etc/mtab
    - it seems that reading /etc/mtab for this is outdated
    - ensure that ecryptfs works even if there is no sysfs entry
      in /etc/mtab
  * src/key_mod/ecryptfs_key_mod_tspi.c: LP: #462225
    - fix TPM and string_to_uuid 64bits issue
    - thanks to Janos for the patch

  [ Tyler Hicks ]
    - clarified how to contribute to the ecryptfs kernel module
  * tests/lib/
    - created eCryptfs test library of bash functions for use in test
      cases and test harnesses
  * test/etl_add_passphrase_key_to_keyring.c:
    - created a C helper program to allow bash scripts to interface to
      the libecryptfs function that adds passphrase-based keys to the
      kernel keyring
  * tests/kernel/tests.rc, tests/userspace/tests.rc:
    - created a test case category files for test harnesses to source
      when running testcases of a certain category (destructive, safe,
  * tests/
    - created a test harness to run eCryptfs test cases
  * tests/kernel/,
    - created test case for miscdev issue reported to mailing list
  * tests/kernel/
    - created test case for pathconf bug
  * tests/kernel/
    - created test case for checking stale inode attrs after setxattr
  * tests/
    - created new test case template to copy from
  * tests/userspace/,
    - created test case, for make check, to test the creation of
      passphrase-based fekeks and signatures
  *,, tests/, tests/lib/,
    tests/kernel/, tests/userspace/
    - updated and created autoconf/automake files to build the new tests
    - added make check target

  [ Eddie Garcia ]
  * img/*: LP: #907131
    - contributing a new set of logos and branding under the CC-by-SA3.0

  [ Colin King ]
  * tests/kernel/,
    - Test to randomly extend file size, read/write + unlink
  * tests/kernel/, tests/kernel/trunc-file/test.c:
    - Test to exercise file truncation
  * tests/kernel/,
    - test for directory creation/deletion races with multiple processes
  * tests/kernel/,
    - test for file creation/truncation/unlink races with multiple
  * tests/kernel/, tests/kernel/inotify/test.c:
    - test for proper inotify support
  * tests/kernel/, tests/kernel/mmap-dir/test.c:
    - test that directory files cannot be mmap'ed
  * tests/kernel/, tests/kernel/read-dir/test.c:
    - test that read() on directory files returns the right error
  * tests/kernel/
    - test that the modified timestamp isn't clobbered in writeback
  * tests/kernel/, tests/kernel/inode-race-stat/test.c:
    - test for inode initialization race condition


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