Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
EL time applet 0.6.6 appindicator None 2012-12-30 Better handling of out of date primary source.
EL time applet 0.6.1 appindicator None 2011-12-28 Initial release as indicator applet
EL time applet 0.5.4 "Better network recovery" main None 2011-09-24 Another approach to network failure.
EL time applet 0.5.3 "Network recovery" main None 2011-06-28 Handle network errors more gracefully
EL time applet 0.5.2 "Trin recovery" main None 2009-10-03
EL time applet 0.5.1 "Better day detetion" main None 2009-02-26 Minor changes; added simpler day detection.
EL time applet 0.5.0 "The packages release" main None 2009-02-25 Functionally identical to 0.4.2 but ready for Debian packaging. Note: The in...
EL time applet 0.4.2 "No bus today" main None 2009-02-25 More features, configurable and time maintenance.
EL time applet 0.3.2 "Recover from the big freeze" main None 2008-12-07 If a time website is down, the url retrieving code just freezes and locks you...
EL time applet 0.3.1 "Show what's special" main None 2008-11-15 Added summary of special days to hover-over text. Fixed typo in initial windo...
EL time applet 0.3.0 "All systems go" main None 2008-10-03 The time, date and day functions are fully functional.
EL time applet 0.2.1 "The Trinity release" main None 2008-09-20 Add support for time derived from Torg's TrinityBot.
EL time applet 0.1.1 "the menu release" main None 2008-08-16 Added about and refresh options to right-click menu.
EL time applet 0.6.2 "gnome 3 fix" appindicator 2012-01-08 2012-01-08