emesene 1.5 - "awesome" has been released!

Written for emesene by Riccardo 'c10ud' on 2009-08-20

And here it comes, after a lot of work, the new super one-point-five release, codename "awesome". Yes, it is real awesome, just take a look at some of the new features, in random order:

    * Compatible with the latest Window Live Messenger(tm)
    * New plugin set (Plus! colors, Notifications, Mail check, etc.)
    * HTTP connection and proxy support
    * @msn accounts support
    * Better contact list management with Privacy Tab and ability to reject users
    * Improved Offline Messaging experience
    * Support for msn groups
    * No more gui locks
    * Experimental webcam support with a configurator
    * New layout options and improved usability along with customization
    * Tons of new languages supported

The fun doesn't stop here, you can check the Community for further informations or cooperate with the emesene team in any way you can:

    * New features
    * Translations
    * Plugins
    * Bug reports/fixes
    * Themes
    * Support to other users
    * Spreading the word

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