Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.6.3 "There must be something more" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.6.1 "Is there something more?" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.6 "Past the epidermis girl" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.5.2 "Give me vision" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.5.1 "Leads me to sin" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.5 "My infatuation" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.4.1 "Is more than skin" 0.x None Two major bug fixes. The first bug has a record 8 duplicates, plus confirmati...
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.4 "I can see that beauty" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.3.1 "There must be something more" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.3 "Is there nothing more?" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.2.4 "into space" 0.x None
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.2.3 "with a glaze she gazes" 0.x None 0.2.3 released!!
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.2.2 "what I hear" 0.x None More bug fixes and a full french translation.
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.2.1 "Nothing is exactly" 0.x None Bug fixes and usability improvements.
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.2 "In my ear" 0.x None 0.2 introduces the Epidermis Creator. This utility makes creating pigments ea...
Epidermis (abandoned) 0.1 "Sweetness whispers nothings" 0.x None This is the first stable release of Epidermis!