Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Epidermis 0.6.3 "There must be something more" 0.x None 2011-09-27
Epidermis 0.6.1 "Is there something more?" 0.x None 2011-05-30
Epidermis 0.6 "Past the epidermis girl" 0.x None 2011-04-26
Epidermis 0.5.2 "Give me vision" 0.x None 2010-06-11
Epidermis 0.5.1 "Leads me to sin" 0.x None 2010-03-16
Epidermis 0.5 "My infatuation" 0.x None 2010-01-14
Epidermis 0.4.1 "Is more than skin" 0.x None 2009-11-09 Two major bug fixes. The first bug has a record 8 duplicates, plus confirmati...
Epidermis 0.4 "I can see that beauty" 0.x None 2009-11-01
Epidermis 0.3.1 "There must be something more" 0.x None 2009-08-08
Epidermis 0.3 "Is there nothing more?" 0.x None 2009-06-30
Epidermis 0.2.4 "into space" 0.x None 2009-05-31
Epidermis 0.2.3 "with a glaze she gazes" 0.x None 2009-04-10 0.2.3 released!!
Epidermis 0.2.2 "what I hear" 0.x None 2009-01-17 More bug fixes and a full french translation.
Epidermis 0.2.1 "Nothing is exactly" 0.x None 2008-12-26 Bug fixes and usability improvements.
Epidermis 0.2 "In my ear" 0.x None 2008-11-19 0.2 introduces the Epidermis Creator. This utility makes creating pigments ea...
Epidermis 0.1 "Sweetness whispers nothings" 0.x None 2008-10-23 This is the first stable release of Epidermis!