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1.0-beta release from the trunk series released 2011-02-28

Release information
Release notes:

1. Introduction

   Welcome to Equalizer, the standard middleware to create and deploy
   parallel, scalable OpenGL applications. This release introduces the
   Collage library, support for GPU compression plugins and an administrative
   API for runtime configuration changes.

   Equalizer 1.0-beta is a developer release, representing the full feature
   set and API of Equalizer 1.0. It is intended for application developers to
   provide feedback and preview the 1.0 release. Equalizer 1.0-beta can be
   retrieved by downloading the source code, updating the subversion trunk to
   revision 5659 (svn up -r 5659) or by using:
   svn co
   The internal version number of this release is 0.9.3.

  1.1. Feature...

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