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Release notes 

FIXED Crash if player exits a location whilst fighting an enemy.
FIXED "Black screen" problem on Android when screen is blanked/inactive.
FIXED If game couldn't be saved due to enemies nearby, game was unpaused
        without closing the options window.
FIXED Options window wasn't closed when saving in permadeath mode.
FIXED Fatal signal on exit on Android.
FIXED Improved french translation for low resolution screens (e.g., 800x480).
FIXED Player animation would sometimes appear jerky when using keyboard
UPDATED Android version now pauses when app goes inactive; also should preserve
        battery life better due to disabling updates and game logic when
UPDATED Volume on Android version now controlled entirely through device's
        volume keys.
UPDATED Android screen now remains on rather than blanking when idle.
UPDATED Performance improvements.
UPDATED Android version now stores logfile in net.sourceforge.erebusrpg/ (so
        can be viewed without having root).
UPDATED Improvements for lower resolution displays (including fixing Stats
        window problem on 480x320 Android devices, though note this low
        resolution is still not recommended).
UPDATED Improve FPS display (on non-mobile platforms).


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