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FIXED Problem if pressing Alt+F4 (Windows) or back button (Android) during
        the Start game options pages - starting the game again wouldn't reset
        to the first options page, and in some cases this would cause a crash.
FIXED Problems on Android if pressing back button whilst starting/loading a
        game (either game would quit completely without warning, or multiple
        confirmation windows could open).
FIXED Level up window on Android had text overlapping with checkboxes.
FIXED Bug with keyboard detection when another window opened when a key was
        being pressed.
FIXED With keyboard movement, only cancel player action if changing direction.
FIXED Incorrect text for one of the ghost's lines in 2nd quest.
FIXED When using keyboard control, when armed with ranged weapon, and enemy
        targetted, a "swish" sound would play even when the player was being
        moved with the keyboard.
FIXED Improved picking up of items - in particular, problem on 1st quest
        where the Red Gem would sometimes be missed, when picking up the
        Goblin's items.
ADDED Skill system. Each character now has a set of special skills, giving
        them particular abilities.
ADDED Implemented multiple Attacks; new Potion of Rage (+1 Attacks); Minotaur
        now has 2 attacks.
ADDED Sound effect for attack spells.
ADDED New weapon: sling.
ADDED New enemy Troll, added to 3rd quest.
ADDED New GUI button to target an enemy (so you will attack, moving towards
        the enemy if necessary), or cycles through the enemies if one is
        already targetted. Can be useful on touchscreens if you are having
        difficulty picking which enemy to attack.
UPDATED Character choice screen now displays picture, stats, skills and details
        for the currently selected choice.
UPDATED Improved layout of stats window.
UPDATED Info window for items (e.g., when buying items) now displays if a
        weapon or armour is too weak for your character.
UPDATED Now using female looking player graphics for some characters.
UPDATED Improved graphics for spell casting.
UPDATED When fighting enemies that require a magical weapon, hand-to-hand
        combat is now conducted using M instead of FP.
UPDATED Penalty of 2 to FP if player is unarmed.
UPDATED Dagger now has FP modifier of -1; shortbow now has BS modifier of -1.
UPDATED Now using new graphics for dagger.
UPDATED Halfling character now has -1 FP, +1 D, +25 Health, +10 Gold.
UPDATED Auto-arm ammo when firing a weapon, if an ammo is not already armed.
UPDATED Improvements to random dungeons: more items to find, more monsters to
        fight, more scenery.
UPDATED Item description window now displays item icon.
UPDATED Replaced a Skeleton with a Skeleton Archer in 3rd quest.
UPDATED Reintroduce specific graphics for Goblin Champion.
UPDATED New graphics for Orc Champion, Hobgoblin and Shadow.
UPDATED Added some more Hobgoblins to 3rd quest.
UPDATED Engine now supports NPCs having differently sized graphics (currently
        used for Troll, and Minotaur has also been enlarged).
UPDATED Android devices with low resolutions (specifically, "normal" screen
        size that are ldpi or mdpi) are now blocked in Google Play. In
        practice, this rules out devices with resolution 480x320 or less, which
        Erebus does not support. Please let me know if this has blocked your
        device, and it has a resolution of 800x480 or higher!
UPDATED Pressing 'N' to target/switch an enemy now moves the player towards the
        enemy to attack, if necessary.

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