erebus 0.7

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Mark Harman
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download icon erebus.msi (md5) Windows installer 727
last downloaded 9 days ago
download icon (md5) Windows binary 49
last downloaded 12 days ago
download icon (md5) Source 109
last downloaded 9 days ago
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Release notes 

FIXED Major bug where choosing a custom name meant the player started with no
FIXED 'N' keypress for cycling through enemies didn't work properly.
FIXED Pathfinding didn't always update correctly when doors were removed.
FIXED Fixed UI for clicking on scenery where the visual height is distinct
        from the scenery height.
FIXED Made Armourer's building smaller, to scale properly with player size.
FIXED Android: fixed problems with Android default keyboard, as well as
        crashes with Swype keyboard (fixed by disabling predictive text).
FIXED Turbo mode shouldn't be preserved between games.
FIXED Using keyboard control to interact with scenery would sometimes ask the
        user multiple times.
FIXED Windows wouldn't always open fullscreen when they were supposed to on
ADDED More torches scenery.
UPDATED Improved look of doors.
UPDATED Display names for Armourer and General Stores in 2nd quest village.
UPDATED Undead levels for random dungeons.
UPDATED Improved click and keyboard movement behaviour near boundaries and
UPDATED Improved visibility testing.
UPDATED Improved path-finding around static NPCs.
UPDATED Improved behaviour of walking towards scenery, for non-direct paths.
UPDATED Improved GUI toolbar sizing for different resolutions.
UPDATED Improved touch sensitivity for clicking on scenery.
UPDATED Improved keyboard behaviour for clicking on scenery, when standing on
        top of scenery (e.g., trapdoor/grate).
UPDATED Improved look-and-feel for Symbian.


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