esys-escript 4.2

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Joel Fenwick
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download icon install.pdf (md5, sig) install guide 303
last downloaded 61 weeks ago
download icon (md5, sig) Documentation (including examples and guides) 200
last downloaded 61 weeks ago
download icon python-escript_4.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) Source code for escript 3,075
last downloaded 26 weeks ago
Total downloads: 3,578

Release notes 

Detailed install instructions can be found in the install guide.
A list of changes can be found in the user guide (in or in the documentation package).

Note that this release does not support gcc 5.{0,1,2} (eg fedora 22) due to a bug in those versions of the compiler.

We may add .deb packages for this version at some point, however we are waiting to see if we can get our packages into official repositories. With that in mind, we don't want to make packages which would clash with that.


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