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0.4.0 release from the trunk series released 2010-07-07

Release information
Release notes:

This release brings a new architecture: Siml is now a real object oriented language, with static typing. The syntax is now whitespace sensitive: indentation creates blocks, like in Python.

The release brings no real new features, but it is a good base for further development.

The code execution at compile time, is now considered to be macro execution, similar to Scheme or D. At compile time Siml classes are now Python classes. This implies that Siml instances are now regular Python objects. This makes the code more simple but somewhat quirky, because more advanced features of Python have to be used. (Siml functions, for example, have to be descriptors.)

A program is still compiled into an imperative style Python program, with only floating point numbers, strings, and booleans.



- New whitespace sensitive syntax: Indentation now creates blocks like in Python. The "end" keyword has been removed.

- Dedicated macro features "ifc" and "printc"
    - The "ifc" statement is a conditional statement that executes at compile time.
    - The "printc" function executes at compile time and prints the contents of variables.
      It can display unknown variables and unevaluated expressions.
    - Simplified semantics of "if" and "print": Both features are now always executed at run

- Debug areas: "print" and "printc" functions now have an argument "area:String", that limits their output. Text is printed only when the debug area is set by the command line option "--debug-areas=area,...." which is present in both the compiler and the generated program.

- New architecture that makes the introduction of new built in types more simple. (Important for units and distributions.)

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