Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
FriendFeed PyAPI 0.2.1 "Eleanor Rigby" 0.2 None 2009-10-09
FriendFeed PyAPI 0.1.1 "Valse de Samois" 0.1 None 2009-03-12 Bugfix for FriendFeedAPI.publish_link() not accepting a Room instance.
FriendFeed PyAPI 0.1.0rc2 "Days of Wine and Roses" 0.1 None 2009-01-16 A few bugfixes and support for subscription methods.
FriendFeed PyAPI 0.1.0rc1 "Your mother should know." 0.1 None 2009-01-13 This is an initial release of the refactored Python interface library to Frie...
FriendFeed PyAPI 0.1.0 "Parker's Mood" 0.1 None 2009-02-16 Official release of 0.1.0.
FriendFeed PyAPI 0.2.0 "All Aboard" 0.2 2009-05-11 2009-06-14 First official release of the 0.2 series.