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0.15 release from the 1.0 series released 2011-02-15

Release information

Numerous issues around overflow on buffers are now fixed. Updates on gearmand daemon to share a bit more code. Numerious fixes for gearman command line client. IPV6 fix for server.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.15.tar.gz (md5) 0.15 808
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
Total downloads: 808

0.14 release from the 1.0 series released 2010-07-01

Release information

  * Leak in SQLite resolved.
  * updated build configs
  * Increased testting.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.14.tar.gz (md5) 0.14 Release 34,402
last downloaded today
Total downloads: 34,402

0.13 release from the 1.0 series released 2010-04-05

Release information

 * Fix for bug #518512.
 * Use OR REPLACE syntax for inserting items into the sqlite.
 * Changed default bitfield optimize setting to only be off for Solaris.
 * Refactoring on server.
 * Various bug fixes as reported on mailing list, such as a bad return
   code and treating EHOSTDOWN as lost connection for FreeBSD.
 * Fixed bug #543402 so jobs taking more than max job retries will
   be removed from persistentn queue as well.
 * Check to make sure worker job results match assigned worker.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.13.tar.gz (md5) Tarball release of 0.13 6,535
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
Total downloads: 6,535

0.12 release from the 1.0 series released 2010-02-18

Release information

0.12 Thu Feb 18 11:28:49 PST 2010
 * Fixed bug where memory loss occured if data was too large.
 * Added gearman_strerror().
 * Fixed bug where setting an option off in mass would not trip any triggers on the option (for both worker and client).
 * Options that are internal can no longer be set by external callers.
 * Deprecated gearman_client_set_event_watch_fn() and gearman_worker_set_event_watch_fn.
 * gearman_job_handle() and gearman_job_function_name() now return const char* pointers
 * gearman_worker_unregister now returns GEARMAN_NO_REGISTERED_FUNCTION if the function does not exist (or is being removed)
 * Added gearman_worker_function_exist()
 * Trying to send too large of a piece of data will result in GEARMAN_ARGUMENT_TOO_LARGE.
 * Added support for gearmand command client to daemonize and create a pid file.
 * Fixed job handle comparison bug with WORK_FAIL responses.
 * Fixed disable assert configure option.
 * Build system updates.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.12.tar.gz (md5, sig) .tar.gz for 0.12 2,168
last downloaded 65 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,168

0.11 release from the 1.0 series released 2009-11-30

Release information

0.11 - 2009-11-30
 * Added max wakeup-worker option to gearmand. Default is still to wakeup all.
 * API and documentation cleanup.
 * Fixed bug where task context free function was getting called for do()
   functions. This was PECL/Gearman bug #16899 as well.
 * Fixed bug #458912, not flushing with multiple gearmands in client.
 * Fixed PECL/Gearman bug #16847, was actually in C library and not in PHP.
 * Fixed C++ build/test/ issue, updated pandora build system.
 * Removed packet varargs function.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.11.tar.gz (md5, sig) .tar.gz for version 0.11 3,131
last downloaded 54 weeks ago
Total downloads: 3,131

0.10 release from the 1.0 series released 2009-09-29

Release information

 * Added timeout option.
 * Separated libgearman client/worker library from the server/gearmand code.
 * Added server option for max job retry.
 * Changed queue_libdrizzle to overwrite the password string to hide in ps.
 * Worker unregister bug fixed. Bug #372074
 * Added memory ownership functions so applications can pass control with
   tasks, jobs, and packets.
 * Changed gearmand to remap stdio to /dev/null for detaching. Bug #407242
 * Fixed bug that now allows workers to run concurrent jobs.
 * Changed behavior of sending NOOPs to one per PRESLEEP, rather than only
   having one in the outgoing queue at any time.
 * API cleanup to make the code more consistent and object-oriented.
 * Added more documentation for base classes, client, and worker.
 * Build system updates.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.10.tar.gz (md5, sig) .tar.gz for version 0.10 2,411
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 2,411

0.9 release from the 1.0 series released 2009-07-20

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.9.tar.gz (md5, sig) .tar.gz for version 0.9 2,079
last downloaded 91 weeks ago
Total downloads: 2,079

0.8 release from the 1.0 series released 2009-07-02

Release information

 * Added pluggable protocol support.
 * Added basic HTTP protocol support.
 * Updated autoconf build system.
 * Renamed modconf to gearman_conf.
 * Improved logging messages for gearmand.
 * Removed all struct memsets and packed structs for better memory usage.
 * Fixed client connect bug with multiple job servers.
 * Fixed server spinning bug with long running jobs and large workloads.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.8.tar.gz (md5, sig) .tar.gz for version 0.8 1,355
last downloaded 17 weeks ago
Total downloads: 1,355

0.7 release from the 1.0 series released 2009-05-31

Release information

 * Added libmodconf for config option processing. Eventually this will be split
   into a separate library. Updated gearmand and tests to use libmodconf.
 * Fixed persistent queue bug where jobs were not removed after replay.
 * Fix for bug #379198.
 * Changed done() function for queue, function_name is now passed to it as
   well as unique.
 * Fixed text protocol command response to be dynamic length.
 * Fixed libevent usage to support libevent 1.1 (still used in CentOS and Suse).
 * Added gearman_*_add_servers to client/worker interfaces for taking
   server lists.

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.7.tar.gz (md5, sig) .tar.gz for version 0.7 457
last downloaded 97 weeks ago
Total downloads: 457

0.6 release from the 1.0 series released 2009-05-19

File Description Downloads
download icon gearmand-0.6.tar.gz (md5, sig) .tar.gz for version 0.6 454
last downloaded 111 weeks ago
Total downloads: 454

4150 of 55 releases