Geneva Optimization 0.9.3 "Route de Bonneville"

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Geneva Optimization
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Route de Bonneville
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Release notes 

Geneva Optimization Library

* Version 0.9.3, "Route de Bonneville" - November 10, 2011

See the Changelog for the individual changes.


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The main changes for this release include:
 - Switched configuration files to JSON format, making possible to
   create JavaScript based GUI interfaces.
 - Simplified and centralized creation and parsing of configuration
   options, so users may more easily configure their applications.
 - Introduced a new wrapper class Go2 that allows to aggregate
   different optimization algorithms, making the best results of the
   first algorithms available to their successors. Algorithms can now
   either be added in main() -- in which case the parallelization mode
   chosen for the corresponding objects is used -- or on the command
   line, in which case the parallelization mode can be modified on demand.
 - Introduced a new interface class GOptimizableI, as the basis
   of GOptimizationAlgorithmT and various wrapper classes.
 - Removed all std::pair in favor of boost::tuple (the future std::tuple).
 - Some renaming of variables. E.g.: renamed 'recoSchemes' to the
   more appropriate 'duplicationScheme', dito for this enums constants.
 - Renamed public cpp variables according to the library they
   are used in, GEM_<LIB>_<VAR>.
 - Renamed the cpp variable GENEVATESTING to GEM_TESTING.
 - Bumped the minimal Boost version to 1.41.
 - Forced Boost.Filesystem v3 for Boost >= 1.44.

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