Geneva Optimization 1.6.1 "Ivrea - Via Arduino"

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Geneva Optimization
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Ivrea - Via Arduino
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Release notes 

Geneva Optimization Library

* Version 1.6.1, "Ivrea - Via Arduino" - April 20, 2015

See the Changelog for the individual changes.


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The main changes for this release include:

******************************* PLEASE NOTE ************************************

 - Geneva now requires the Boost::atomic component of Boost. You will
   need to install this additional component if your Boost installation
   is not a complete one, for instance in the case of a system-provided
   Boost in some Linux distributions.
 - The minimal BOOST version required for compiling Geneva is now v1.53.


 - Rework of the GThreadPool class: threads are now started upon the
   first task submission, so default-constructed (unused) pools do not
   start a plethora of idle threads. The pool may now be resized while
   threads are already running.
 - Rework of the GRandomFactory / GRandomT-combo. In particular, "unused"
   random numbers are now recycled and given back to the random factory.
   The overhead of the creation of random packages should be reduced, as
   the corresponding objects do not usually need to be re-allocated anymore.
 - Random numbers are now distributed to parameter objects and adaptors
   via thread local storage.
 - The checkRelationshipWith-hierarchy was removed, in favour of a new
   'compare()' API. This is used for unit tests, in particular of
   indivuduals. GObject still contains a 'checkRelationshipWith()' function
   which in turn calls compare, so that the change should not affect users.
 - Ported to Boost 1.58. Please note that Boost 1.58 seems to have a
   serialization-related bug, so that we currently do NOT recommend to
   use this Boost version.

Recommended version of Boost: 1.57; Minimum Boost version: 1.53.

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