Gephi 0.6beta3

Fast releases, to bring up last fixes and features to community.

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Mathieu Bastian
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2 Mathieu Bastian
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download icon gephi-0.6-beta3.macosx.universal.tar.gz (md5) Mac OS X universal 1,464
last downloaded 34 weeks ago
download icon (md5) windows i586 5,734
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon (md5) windows amd64 1,036
last downloaded 5 weeks ago
download icon gephi-0.6-beta3.linux.i586.tar.gz (md5) linux i586 649
last downloaded 6 weeks ago
download icon gephi-0.6-beta3.linux.amd64.tar.gz (md5) linux amd64 447
last downloaded 34 weeks ago
download icon (md5) Sources 495
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 9,825

Release notes 

Fast release to correct the critical bug 358777. Some new features also fill out current version to improve software usability. Essential missing filters and a useful “Node details” panel have been added.


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- Fix bug 358777 about broken SVG export on Linux platform.
- New ‘Node Details’ panel. Display and modify nodes attribute value when clicking on the graph window.
- Search box included in ‘Node Details’ panel. It searches on labels and center camera on found nodes.
- Update Spring algorithm, final version.
- New filter ‘Order by mutual links’.
- New ‘RangeSet’ filter, for selecting nodes between a numerical range.
- New ‘AttributeEqual’ and ‘AttributeNotEqual’ filters. Attributes value selection, according to string or regex.
- Correct gradient filters behaviour.
- Enhance histogram labelling
- Fix filters bugs and improves ergonomics on painters.
- Repair duplicate workspace.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
388085 #388085 The "Install Java 6 on Mac OS X Leopard" is incomplete 1 Undecided   3 Invalid
386289 #386289 Crash during svg export 1 Undecided   4 Won't Fix
358777 #358777 Broken SVG Export on Linux 2 Critical Mathieu Bastian  10 Fix Released
358777 #358777 Broken SVG Export on Linux 2 Critical Mathieu Bastian  10 Fix Released
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