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GISAH 0.2.1 New Features

Written for GISAH by Theatre-X on 2012-03-06


~ Various cleaners for web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Midori, and Seamonkey
~ Cleaner for VLC
~ Cleaner for Thunderbird
~ Minor improvements to Win9x/ME cleaners


~ Version 1.0 of the GISAH manual in txt included
~ Added help with menus


~ Newer look to menus
~ Background rendered blue
~ Window states title of current process

Cygwin launcher:

~ The ability to launch Cygwin or install it using the included setup file from within GISAH

Improvements to GISAH itself:

~ Launch Windows Tools: The ability to launch MSConfig, Task Manager, Defrag, and other Windows tools from within GISAH.
~ Power Menu: Shutdown or restart the machine GISAH is running on.
~ Drop to CMD: The ability to drop down to a MS-DOS command prompt.
~ System specs menu: Lists the machine's CPU and memory specs.
~ GISAH System tools menu: Various tools to work with your system such as the "Find Missing System Files" option that looks for various critical parts of your system to make sure they are still there (Experimental stage)
~ Networking tools menu: Currently only features the ability to ping outside the local network to see if whether or not internet access is available.

GISAH 0.2.1 Beta released

Written for GISAH by Theatre-X on 2012-03-05

Get it while it's hot!

Bash version of GISAH

Written for GISAH by Theatre-X on 2012-02-12

I am currently taking a small break from the DOS version of GISAH to code a bare-bones Bash version of GISAH. I'll upload it once complete.

New change in paradigm for GISAH

Written for GISAH by Theatre-X on 2012-02-09

As of 0.2.1 (Decadent), GISAH will no longer simply serve as a disk cleaning tool, but as a janitor, doctor, and mechanic all in one: A multipurpose tool for Windows. Many new features, fixes, and improvements have been made. Such as:

~ Automatic operating system detection
~ Support for Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, and 7 (Windows 3.1, 2, 1, Server 2008, and 8 support coming soon)
~ Hardware testing: The ability to test a monitor with RGB.
~ Networking tools: Ping outside the network to conclude Internet connectivity
~ Launch Cygwin: The ability to launch a Cygwin Bash shell from GISAH. GISAH will search a device for a Cygwin install and allow you to install if your system does not have Cygwin.
~ Improved help menu
~ Launch Windows tools: The ability to launch various Windows tools from within GISAH. Such as the Registry Editor, Defrag, and MSConfig.
~ File finding: Search for various missing important system files and directories (For Win 9x and NT)
~ Automatic log off repair: Ever have a piece of spyware modify your registry, thus preventing you from logging in? This new feature of GISAH repairs that registry key, restoring the default value.

Of course, it still supports disk cleaning:

~ Firefox support has at last been added
~ Chrome support
~ New menu categorization

I hope you'll all enjoy this release. I shall name this release, "Decadent". Good health.

Updated on 2012-02-09.

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