Glipper 2.1

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Laszlo Pandy
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1 Laszlo Pandy
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Release notes 

* bug #754715: Change Properties to Preferences
* Clean up Preferences dialog
* bug #754710: Use GtkBuilder instead of Glade
* bug #754704: Use $XDG_DATA_HOME to store files instead of ~/.glipper/
* bug #224626: Improve loading of plugins


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84: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Add build deb command.
83: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Update translations
82: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Update dependencies in README
81: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Revamp preferences dialog.
80: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Fix adjustment for spin button in preferences.
79: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Fix preferences dialog.
78: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Add half fixed preferences dialog.
77: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Remove max item length.
76: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Fix recursion in newline plugin.
75: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Just use default screen to launch windows. There can be multiple app indicator hosts.
74: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 get_preferences() => has_preference()
73: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Use plugins cache so we don't load and unload plugins all the time.
72: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Fix gtk builder handlers.
71: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Explicit signal connect.
70: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 Add xdg dependency.
69: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-09 XDG_DATA_HOME support.
68: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 Update translations.
67: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 Gtk builder for the rest of the plugins.
66: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 No paste to gtk builder.
65: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 Spaces to tabs for plugins.
64: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 Add GtkBuilder files.
63: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 Remove old glade files.
62: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 GtkBuilder for Plugins window and Preferences window.
61: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 Spaces to tabs.
60: Laszlo Pandy 2011-04-08 Add debian directory.

0 blueprints and 4 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
224626 #224626 glipper crashed with KeyError in remove_module() 4 Medium Laszlo Pandy  10 Fix Released
754704 #754704 Use XDG config directories 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
754710 #754710 Use gtkbuilder instead of glade 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
754715 #754715 Properties should be called preferences 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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