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Gnome15 - 0.8.0 - New plugins, macro overhaul and more

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2012-01-08

New Tails plugin for monitoring log files. The Sensors plugin lets you keep an eye on temperatures, voltages and fan speeds. The macro editor has been improved, and also gets new advanced configuration options for toggling and repeat rates.

See the URL for a full description.

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Gnome15 - 0.7.8 - More bug fixes and better G15v2 support

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-10-09

I am pleased to announce version 0.7.8.

This contains a few bug fixes, and an experimental G15v2 driver (essentially just a copy of the G15v1 driver), has been added to the kernel driver package.

The new "unstable" branch "0.8.0" is also progressing. One of the main tasks for this version was preparing Gnome15 for translation. This work is now mostly complete, and will be ready for translators to get to work on!

A bunch of new macro features are also on their way, including the ability to set repeat rate, toggled repeat and more. Along with this, the macro editor dialog has been made slightly re-worked for a easier use.

The first build of 0.8.0 for those willing to test unstable releases will be available at some point in the next few days, along with instructions on how to help out with the translation.


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Gnome15 - 0.7.2 - G13 joystick support, kernel driver fixes and more

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-09-14

Highlights of this release include G13 joystick support (for both g15direct and kernel drivers). The joystick may either act as a mouse, a joystick, or it may be mapped to macros.

Macros can also now emit input events. For example, you can map G1 to KEY_EMAIL to have your email client launched on pressing G1.

Major bugs fixes include G keys working for G15 and G13 (kernel driver), fixes for the keyboard backlight colour not working on M2 and M3, and lots more.

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Gnome15 - 0.7.1 - Bug fixes and better G13 support

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-08-21

Although not enabled by default, there is also now a new Unity Lens plugin (Ubuntu only). If you want to try this out, you will have to compile from source.

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Gnome15 - 0.7.0 - Too much to list here!

Written for gnome15 by tanktarta on 2011-07-22

I am pleased to announce the latest version of Gnome15. A long time in the making, the big features includes multiple device support, more plugins, scrolling text, a new default driver and *lots* more.

Find out more on the at the Gnome15 site.

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