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1.1.0 (Against the tide of bit-rot) release from the trunk series released 2009-11-08

Release information
Release notes:

I'm pleased to announce the version 1.1.0, also known as "Against the tide of bit-rot", of gnoMint: a graphical X.509 Certification Authority management tool.

This version includes some bug fixes and improvements over the 1.0.0 version:

    * gnoMint interface generation now uses GtkBuilder instead of Libglade
    * Correcting bug affecting Slackware systems.
    * Correcting compile bug affecting RedHat and CentOS 5 systems.
    * Correcting Debian bug #554669: gnoMint now should compile perfectly using binutils-gold.
    * Correcting bug that affected showpolicy command in gnomint-cli
    * Fixed some problems that affected databases with different certificates with the same DN.
    * Added Catalan translation. Updating all translations from Launchpad.


2009-11-08 11:43 davefx
 * [r347] ChangeLog: Updating changelog

2009-11-08 11:42 davefx
 * [r346] ChangeLog,
   Releasing version 1.1.0

2009-11-08 11:36 davefx
 * [r345] po/es.po:
   Fixing problems in Spanish translation. Please, translators: don't translate gettext comments

2009-11-08 11:22 davefx
 * [r344] po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/es.po, po/fr.po, po/it.po:
   Updating translations from Launchpad. Thanks to all the translators

2009-11-08 11:12 davefx
 * [r343] src/ca-cli-callbacks.c:
   Fixing gnoMint bug #2890061: gnomint-cli showpolicy command was failing with invalid ca-id message.

2009-11-08 10:57 davefx
 * [r342], src/
   Adding libgcrypt in configure, resolving Debian bug #554669

2009-11-08 08:10 davefx
 * [r341] ChangeLog, src/ca.c:
   Building hierarchical tree using node routes instead of names

2009-11-08 07:16 davefx

 * [r340] src/ca_file.c:
   Fixing problem when there's a duplicate in common name.

2009-11-07 07:51 davefx

 * [r339] gui/certificate_properties_dialog.ui, gui/dh_parameters_dialog.ui, gui/new_ca_window.ui, gui/new_cert_window.ui, gui/new_req_window.ui:
  Fixed problems about spinbuttons generated in gtk-ui-manager conversion

2009-11-07 07:51 davefx

 * [r338] src/ca_file.c:
   Avoiding SIGSEGV whenever there's a problem obtaining last assigned serial number

2009-11-07 06:34 davefx

 * [r337] src/dialog.c:
   Adding string.h include for allow compiling in CentOS 5

2009-10-11 21:17 davefx

 * [r336], po/ca.po, po/cs.po, po/de.po, po/es.po, po/fi.po, po/fr.po, po/it.po, po/pt_BR.po,
   po/ru.po, po/sv.po:
   Adding Catalan translation. Updating translation from

2009-10-11 21:16 davefx

 * [r335] src/main.c: Correcting loading of popup

2009-10-11 11:04 davefx

 * [r334], gui/, gui/certificate_popup_menu.ui, gui/certificate_properties_dialog.ui,
   gui/change_password_dialog.ui, gui/creation_process_window.ui, gui/csr_popup_menu.ui,
   gui/csr_properties_dialog.ui, gui/dh_parameters_dialog.ui, gui/export_certificate_dialog.ui,
   gui/get_db_password_dialog.ui, gui/get_password_dialog.ui, gui/get_pkey_dialog.ui,
   gui/, gui/import_file_or_directory_dialog.ui, gui/import_password_dialog.ui,
   gui/main_window.ui, gui/new_ca_window.ui, gui/new_cert_window.ui, gui/new_crl_dialog.ui,
   gui/new_req_window.ui, gui/preferences_dialog.ui, po/, src/ca.c, src/ca_policy.c,
   src/certificate_properties.c, src/country_table.c, src/creation_process_window.c, src/crl.c, src/csr_properties.c,
   src/dialog.c, src/import.c, src/main.c, src/main.h, src/new_ca_window.c, src/new_cert.c, src/new_req_window.c,
   src/pkey_manage.c, src/preferences-window.c:
   Migrating from libglade to GtkBuilder

2009-06-05 20:27 davefx

 * [r333]
   Fixing bug in that affected Slackware systems

2009-06-03 21:23 davefx

 * [r331] m4/intltool.m4:
   Updating intltool.m4

2009-06-03 21:19 davefx

 * [r330] ChangeLog:
   Uploading updated Changelog

2009-06-03 21:17 davefx

 * [r329]
   Uploading change to version 1.0.0

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0.5.0 (two and a half milestones left) release from the trunk series released 2008-08-22

Release information
Release notes:

I'm pleased to announce the 0.5.0 version of gnoMint: a graphical X.509 Certification Authority managing tool.

This version adds some interesting features:

    * Multiple CA support. Now, each gnoMint database is able to keep and manage several CAs and their generated certificates. These certificates can be other CAs. It's possible to have a multi-rooted database, with several self-signed CA certificates.
    * Support for 20-byte serial certificates, according to RFC5280.
    * Support for inherit subject fields from certification authorities, depending on each CA policy.
    * Detailed certificate view (thanks to Ahmed Baizid ).
    * French translation (also by Ahmed Baizid ).
    * Now, a default database ~/.gnomint/default.gnomint is opened if no other indication is given.
    * ...

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