GNUSim8085 1.3.6 Released!!!

Written for gnusim8085 by Onkar Shinde on 2010-02-27

We are pleased to inform you about the release of GNUSim8085 version 1.3.6 Linux and Windows platforms. This is the first stable version after moving over to launchpad for our project management. With this release we bring to our users a wide range of new additions. Read below for some key highlights of this release. We appreciate your continued support in the form of bug reports (with patches ;)) and general feedback. Feel free to ask questions and get support through Launchpad's interface

Source tarball and Windows installer can be downloaded from

Internalization Support
The UI is now internationalized. Translations for Arabic, Asturian,
Catalan, Esperanto, French, German, Gujarati, Italian, Kannada and
Spanish languages now in place.

New Features
* Print support - Print your assembly programs and contents of
assembly lising window right from GNUSim8085 application.
* Improved Windows installer with multi-language interface. The finish
screen of installer contains a 'Run Program' option.
* Experimental file handling with GIO APIs. Disabled by default. Use
--enable-gio configure option to use.

Several UI modifications to enhance user experience.

* Show/Hide debugging sidepane to adjust horizontal editor screen space.
* The assembler messages pane moved to the right to offer increased
vertical editor screen space.
* Cleared up icon clutter from the user workspace.

Bug Fixes
Note: We have moved to Launchpad for all our bug management now. Below
bug numbers are of SourceForge's.

SF#1847830 - Make the UI i18n enabled
SF#1942893 - Assembler listing window is too narrow
SF#2356534 - Basic File handling errors
SF#2462607 - Keypad should not insert instruction code while debugging
SF#2462657 - Example programs must be read-only on Windows
SF#2580092 - syntax highlighting for labels with underscore in symbol
SF#2582426 - syntax highlighting for sp register (stack pointer)

Known Issues
Minimal testing of printing feature on Windows shows that it does not
work as expected. This is nothing specific to GNUSim8085. GTK+
printing APIs are not very well supported on Windows.
Internationalized UI is not available on Windows. This will be
hopefully fixed in next release.
GTK+ runtime needs to be installed separately on Windows. This will be
hopefully fixed in next release.

Happy Simulating!!!
GNUSim8085 Team

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