GNUSim8085 1.3.7 Released!

Written for gnusim8085 by Onkar Shinde on 2011-02-20

We are pleased to inform you about the release of GNUSim8085 version 1.3.7 for Linux and Windows platforms. Read below for some key highlights of this release. We appreciate your continued support in the form of bug reports (with patches ;)) and general feedback. Feel free to ask questions and get support through Launchpad's interface

Source tarball and Windows installer can be downloaded from

Internalization Support
* New translations for Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Greek (el) and Tamil (ta) have been added. Others have been updated.
* The internationalised UI now works on Windows. Depending on the version of Windows you may need to install
additional fonts and or language pack.

New Features
* Choosing a font in editor - This allows setting a font in editor component. But the preference is not saved on application exit.
* Two installers are now provided for Windows. One that embeds the GTK+ installer (*-with-gtk-installer.exe) and one that does not (*-with-gtk-installer.exe). Please download installer *-with-gtk-installer.exe only if you do not already have GTK+ runtime v 2.12 or higher installed.

Several UI modifications to enhance user experience.
* Easy editing of memory/IO contents - This allows easy viewing/editing of memory/IO contents in a table. The tables are shown in tabs similar to Data/Stack content shown currently.
* Files opened/saved are added to recently used file list using GtkRecentManager APIs.
* Breakpoint Toggling - It is now possible to toggle breakpoint by clicking on left margin of editor component.
* Retain current working directory - The last accessed directory by the file selection dialogs is saved. Also the default open/save directory is 'Documents' directory whose value depends on OS and user settings. But the working directory preference is not saved on application exit.

Bug Fixes
LP: #519828 - Start-up dialog should not be minimised
LP: #519834 - Assembler Error: No line highlighting
LP: #579317 - Modify the 'Help' dialog to point to actual tutorial
LP: #579318 - Stepping through code doesn't honor breakpoints
LP: #579319 - Help -> about = crash
LP: #579320 - CMP flags not working like SUB with signed numbers
LP: #584093 - 78+88 in BCD addition missed carry

Known Issues
Minimal testing of printing feature on Windows shows that it does not work as expected. This is nothing specific to GNUSim8085. GTK+ printing APIs are not very well supported on Windows.
When using internationalised UI on Windows some languages simply show square blocks instead of appropriate text. This is specifically seen with languages that use non-latin scripts (Indic languages and Arabic).

Happy Simulating!!!
GNUSim8085 Team

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