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New Release Available - 0.9.9

Written for Graphite by chrismd on 2011-10-06

This is a big release with tons of changes. You *really* need to read the detailed release announcement at before upgrading!

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New Release Available - 0.9.8

Written for Graphite by chrismd on 2011-04-04

This release contains tons of great new features and bug fixes. Among the highlights are a revamped documentation system, a totally new Dashboard UI, a new carbon-aggregator daemon, and changing from mod_python to mod_wsgi. Read the changelog for more details,

I will work on updating documentation to cover the new features and building binary packages soon.

Release 0.9.7c of graphite-webapp fixes another issue

Written for Graphite by chrismd on 2011-01-17

There was another issue in the graphite 0.9.7b release that has been fixed in 0.9.7c, specifically that the bundling of pytz was done improperly. If you tried to install 0.9.7 or 0.9.7b and got errors about not being able to find the 'pytz' package, upgrading to 0.9.7c will resolve that. If you already had pytz installed then this update will not affect you.

Release update 0.9.7b fixes issues with 0.9.7

Written for Graphite by chrismd on 2011-01-12

There was a stupid packaging bug in the first 0.9.7 tarball and RPMs. If you downloaded these packages, chances are they do not work correctly after install so please update to the fixed release, 0.9.7b. This *only* affects the graphite-webapp package, carbon and whisper are not affected.

Updated .

New Release Available - 0.9.7

Written for Graphite by chrismd on 2011-01-08

This release contains tons of community contributions of new features and bug fixes. More details are on the wiki,

Note that there are now RPM and source RPMs available for download for whisper, carbon, and the graphite webapp. They currently *do not check dependencies* and *do not perform post-install tasks*. This means they are suitable for upgrades but the usual install doc will need to be followed for new installations. Please contribute feedback regarding these packages so we can make the work out of the box on Fedora and CentOS.

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