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Hugin-2013.0 RELEASE NOTES


Hugin is more than just a panorama stitcher.

Hugin can be found at
* SourceForge:
* Launchpad:


The 2013.0 source tarball can be downloaded

* from SourceForge at

* from Launchpad at

This is a source code release. For executables see below.

This tarball is equivalent to rev/changeset b7f603b17a69 in our Mercurial
repository, where it is also tagged 2013.0.0beta1

Verify its SHA1SUM
8b13bd71eb9a7e318fb2fcb119803c44896c0143 hugin-2013.0.0beta1.tar.bz2


Users communities produce executables for their respective platforms.

These executables are then added to the download section on SourceForge at

A number of users have built recent snapshots and executables are likely to be
announced within a few days of this tarball release.

Watch for the announcements of binary
releases. If you don't see a binary for your platform it has most likely not
been produced yet. Consider stepping up to the task. Instructions at

Announce your build on


* The greatest change is the redesign of the (Graphical) User Interface (GUI). The user interface now consists of three modes: Simple, Advanced and Expert.
The Simple interface is for the beginning panorama photographer and offers all tools to create your panorama. You can also use this mode if you have a simple, straightforward panorama. The Simple interface mode uses the "Fast Preview" window as its main workflow window.
The Advanced interface mode offers you more options to improve your panorama. It uses the Panorama Editor as its main window.
The Expert mode gives you access to all options and functions that Hugin has to offer. This is where you can optimize your complicated, multilayer, mosaic, multi-stack, you name it, panorama. It also uses the Panorama Editor as its main window.

* The Hugin build for Mac OS X has switched from Carbon to Cocoa and is now fully 64bit.

New tools added:
* pto_var ( change image variables inside pto files)
* pto_lensstack (modify assigned lenses and stack in pto files)
* geocpset (set/add geometric constraints for multirow panorama with featureless images)

Other Improvements
* Many more improvements and bug fixes.


Upgrading from previous versions of Hugin should be seamless. If you do have
problems with old settings, these can be reset in the Preferences by clicking
'Load defaults'.

It is strongly recommeded to set the default control point detector to
Hugin's CPFind. It is the only control point generator endorsed by Hugin.
Third-party generators may be compatible with the plug-in architecture.


Users compiling from source refer to the dependencies listed at

and the build processes listed at

More information in the README and INSTALL_cmake files in the tarball.


There is a known problem building Hugin with CMake 2.8.5rc2.
Workaround: Upgrade to a newer CMake version.

Mac OS X:
- Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) is no longer supported.
- The PPC platform is no longer supported.
- The OpenMP enabled enblend is now compatible on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
- The cmake compilation of Hugin is currently broken due to the fact that
the boost library on OS X is currently at version 1.50 and boost versions => 1.48
conflict with a number of Mac OS X macros (from AssertMacros.h). This can
not be disabled as WxWindows for Mac (a.k.a. WxMac) needs these macros.
An XCode build, where a specific boost (<=1.46) can be specified, is
possible. The 2013.0 OSX bundle will be based on an XCode build with boost

An updated list of issues deemed to be critical, including discussions
and workarounds is in the issue tracker.


Thanks to all the contributors to this release and members of the hugin-ptx
mailing list, too many to mention here.

Hugin can be found at and at


A detailed changelog can be found in the file Changelog.


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