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download icon i2psource_0.8.11.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) I2P 0.8.11 source 245
last downloaded 6 days ago
download icon i2p-0.8.11-changelog.txt (md5) i2p 0.8.11 changelog 25
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download icon i2pupdate_0.8.11.zip (md5, sig) I2P 0.8.11 update 36
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Release notes 

As you all have noticed, the unprecedented network growth starting October 5th has dramatically increased network congestion, especially on evenings (UTC) and weekends. The last two releases contained a few changes that we hoped would relieve the pressure, but unfortunately these measures have been only modest successes. The primary issue is to limit the number of direct router-to-router connections in the network. This isn't a new problem; we've been working on it for several years, with some success. However, the recent growth pushed us over the edge once again.

Release 0.8.11 includes several more changes to reduce the number of router-to-router connections and increase connection and tunnel build capacity. The goal, of course, is to improve tunnel build success rates and general reliability. Of course, there's also a few bug fixes and translation updates.

We welcome all our new users. Please be patient as we work to improve network performance. Debugging congestion problems in a distributed anonymous network is a continuing challenge. Please help us to diagnose and improve the network by restarting your router once the upgrade is downloaded.

Major changes

- Improve peer profile capacity metric to include factors for connection, reachability, country, and router hash, to reduce connection churn
- Adjust connection limits and timeouts to increase capacity
- Adjust router info and peer profile expirations to reduce memory usage
- Rebuild existing tunnels some of the time to reduce connection churn and improve build success
- Build Executor / Handler thread separation to increase build handling capacity for high-speed routers
- Bloom Filter optimizations to reduce lock contention for high-speed routers
- SSU introducer changes

Bug Fixes

- Fix expiration of peer profiles


- Ukrainian translation updates


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Changes since 0.8.10:

* 2011-11-08 0.8.11 released

2011-11-05 kytv
  * Update geoip.txt based on Maxmind GeoLite Country
    database from 2011-11-02

2011-11-02 zzz
  * HTTP Proxy: Error page tweak
  * Reseed:
    - Add new host
    - Handle % escaping in file URLs
    - Do basic validation of router hash
    - Add some more sanity checks

2011-11-01 kytv
  * Update Ukrainian translations from Transifex
  * Update i2prouter script for better compatibility with Gentoo

2011-10-31 zzz
  * NetDB: Reduce max RI publish interval
  * ProfileOrganizer:
    - Fix expiration of old profiles
    - Don't exceed high cap limit between reorgs
    - Reduce max reorg cycle time
    - Reduce new bonus values
    - Fix rare NSEE thx sponge
  * SSU: Increase threshold for incremented cost
  * Tunnels:
    - Restore and implement lengthOverride()
    - Adjust quantity override

2011-10-29 zzz
  * BuildHandler: Add router.buildHandlerThreads config setting
  * CapacityCalculator: Small adjustment for XOR distance to
    break ties and encourage closeness
  * ProfileOrganizer: Reduce min expire time
  * SSU: Limit max peers to use as introducers

2011-10-28 zzz
  * BuildHandler: Move inbound request handling to its own thread(s)
    (ticket #542, see also http://zzz.i2p/topics/996)
  * CapacityCalculator: Small boost for connected peers, new peers, and
    same-country peers; deduct for recently-unreachable peers
  * DecayingBloomFilter: Whups fix NPE from previous checkin if log=INFO
  * NTCP: Reduce min idle time
  * SSU:
    - Increase default max connections again
    - Reduce min idle time
    - Separate out introducer pinger from introducer selection
      so it can be run separately and more often
    - Only ping introducers if we need them
  * Tunnels:
     - Reduce exploratory tunnel quantity if build success rate
       is very low, but may disable this later
     - Try rebuilding same tunnel (some of the time)

2011-10-25 zzz
  * BloomSHA1, DecayingBloomFilter:
    - Refactor for concurrent, at some small risk of false negatives
    - Optimizations to cache objects and reuse offsets
  * Tunnels:
    - Make most classes package private
    - Final, static, logs, cleanups
    - Consolideate createRateStat calls
    - Add getTotalLength()
    - Remove unused lengthOverride()
  * UDP: Mark only first fragment as a duplicate

* 2011-10-20 0.8.10 released

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