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Release notes 

Among the bug fixes, the following stand out.

 Bug #580526: Finally, support for gsettings gschema.xml files is merged in, which should enable maintainers to get a slightly simpler build setup (i.e. no need to use NOMERGE rule anymore, and you can have intltool directly extract translations from .gschema.xml files).
 Bug #790574: Let xgettext extract Scheme strings out, and add support for <code>intltool-update -m</code> to find files with marked strings.
 Bug #806006: Improve handling of quotes in `intltool-update -m` so you get less (no?) warnings about mismatched quotes, and Python processing doesn't get messed up with docstrings and similar.
 Bug #520986: one for the translators—messages are extracted in the order they appear in original files now, thus allowing translators to infer more of the context from the ordering.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
398576 #398576 INTLTOOL_XML_NOMERGE_RULE differs when there are PO files in /tmp 3 High Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
580526 #580526 Add support for new gsettings simple schema format 3 High Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
613003 #613003 intltool prints non-ASCII-encodable characters 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
790574 #790574 Use xgettext's native support for scheme file string extraction 3 High Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
806006 #806006 python files aren't detected on gedit-latex 4 Medium Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
860192 #860192 intltools-update -m grabs "translations" in the .pc directory during package build 4 Medium Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
520986 #520986 Do not sort output from 5 Low Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
639857 #639857 intltool.m4 error with OpenBSD sh 5 Low Данило Шеган  10 Fix Released
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