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Features since 1.0rc1:
 - Cookies will be created with the 'secure' flag if served over HTTPS.
 - Admins can now create users through the web UI.
 - The user list now visibly separates users and admins, and indicates disabled users.

Bugs fixed since 1.0rc1:
 - A duplicate return link in exercise editor has been removed.
 - The help link in the file browser is no longer broken. This was a regression in 1.0rc1.
 - The console will now autoscroll earlier, hopefully eliminating some visual artifacts.
 - The Subversion diff and log functionality no longer crashes if credentials have not already been cached.
 - The environment variables passed to the server and Subversion diff and log services will now be minimal and correct, no longer inheriting critical values from the web server.
 - The value of the HOME environment variable in the console is now always correct. Previously it was in some circumstances the current working directory instead.

Documentation changes since 1.0rc1:
 - Installation from the Ubuntu package is now documented.
 - The upgrade process is now documented.
 - Tutor and lecturer privilege documentation has been updated and is now correct.

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