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download icon jclic_0.2.3.4c.orig.tar.gz (md5) Full JClic source code with updated files in /dist/linux/debian 293
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon jclic- (md5) Windows installer 420
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download icon jclic- (md5) Compiled JAR files, multi-platform 213
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Release notes 

Changes in (23-Sep-2013)
JClic needs now Java 1.5 or later to run, because some accessibility functions are only available from
this version upwards. Previous JClic versions were targeted to Java 1.4.

Correction of bug 1249: Incorrect reporting of activity results when the maximum number of attempts is achieved.

Correction of bug 1414: Error in JClic applet with https protocol

Correction of bug 64: Help window of text activities display in disabled colours

Correction of bug 53: Saving existing activity with new name

Correction of bug 172: The deletion of all activities of a project blocks JClic author

Implementation of feature request #1591: Allow to replay the sound hosted in the initial message

Changes in ReportServerJDBCBridge to set default behavior to MySQL instead of MSAccess

Changed BrowserLauncher to BareBonesBrowserLauncher to solve a problem with browser detection in MacOS

Support for Venetian (vec) and improvements to other languages.

Image4j (BMP import) updated to version 0.7

Catch unexpected exceptions when using PulseAudioClip in IcedTea

New "protocol" parameter allowing JClicReports to run in https

Changed logos and references of the Catalan Ministry of Education "Departament d'Educació" to "Departament d'Ensenyament" (main sponsor of the JClic project)

Initial integration into the source code of the "Fressa" accessibility features, developed by Jordi Lagares. Some of this features will be operational in the next major release of JClic.

Correction of bug: JClicAuthor hangs opening a file when an I/O error occurs

Updated build.xml

Event sounds converted to 16-bit PCM WAV format (instead of MP3) to avoid problems with OpenJDK

Custom fonts now are rendered when JClic runs on Java 1,6 or later

Java platform update: JClic requires Java 1.5 or later

Many source files updated to be compliant with Java Generics

Correction of bug: JClicReports hangs when activity or project name exceeds its maximum field length in database.

Changes in (07-Oct-2013)
Implementation of "JClic System Libraries": System admins can now define libraries of JClic projects as a “System setting” for all users of a specific computer. The system libraries can be managed by command line, invoking:
java -cp jclic.jar edu.xtec.jclic.project.LibraryManager -[option] [name] [path]

JClic source code moved to https://github.com/projectestac/jclic

Changes in (28-Oct-2013)
The official JClic JAR files released in http://clic.xtec.cat are now signed with a new certificate issued by the Catalan Agency of Certification "CATCert" (http://catcert.cat). This has no effect in the source code, but requires a small change in the version number to allow refreshing of Java Caché.

Changes in (29-Oct-2013)
Correction of bugs affecting JClic Author: the program freezes when saving after making edits in the fields of the "Project" tab.
Correction of a bug of Windows uninstaller: the program was not completelly uninstalled because one file (reports.ico) was not removed

Changes in PPA (13-Dec-2013)
Added the "dist/linux" directory, containing files needed to build PPA Debian packages: man files, bin launchers, desktop files, SVG icons and misc /debian control files.
No modifications had been made on the source code of JClic.


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