Jmol 12.0 released

Written for Jmol by Nicolas Vervelle on 2010-07-30

Jmol 12.0 was released today with over 170 new features compared to the previous release, Jmol 11.8. Full details may be found at

Generally new capability
-- customizable mouse button/action bindings
-- multi-touch/Kiosk capability using SPARSHUI adaptation (U-Tube video)
-- parallel multiprocessor capability for isosurface creation
-- drag-and-drop to signed applets and the application
-- model kit mode allows rapid construction of simple models
-- extensive support for depiction of space groups
-- conversion of 2D models (SMILES, JME, MOL) to 3D
-- interface to JSDraw for 2D structure input
-- interface to Flot for plotting data
-- full implementation of Daylight SMILES/SMARTS
-- extension of Daylight SMARTS to 3D conformation
-- introduction of Jmol bioSMILES and bioSMARTS
-- new JmolSmilesApplet.jar.
-- JavaScript-like flow commands and TIMEOUT
-- JavaScript-like TRY/CATCH error handling
-- direct reading of Uppsala electron density maps
-- natural bond orbital reading/rendering
-- direct logging to files using the LOG command

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