juju 2.8 series

Target release for 20.04

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Juju Project Lead
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Active Development
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is not the focus of development.
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Milestones and releases

117 of 17 results
Version Expected Released Summary
juju 2.8.12 None not yet released Bugs targeted: 1 Incomplete, 1 Won't Fix, 1 Triaged, 4 Fix Committed
juju 2.8.11 None
juju 2.8.10 None
juju 2.8.9 None
juju 2.8.8 None
juju 2.8.7 None
juju 2.8.6 None
juju 2.8.5 None
juju 2.8.4 None
juju 2.8.3 None Emergency release milestone (moved old 2.8.3 milestone to 2.8.4)
juju 2.8.2 None
juju 2.8.1 None
juju 2.8.0 None
juju 2.8-rc3 None
juju 2.8-rc2 None
juju 2.8-rc1 None
juju 2.8-beta1 None
117 of 17 results
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