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stable series Focus of Development
Latest releases: 1.4.5, 1.4.4, 1.4.3, 1.4.2, 1.4.1, 1.4.0, 1.0.7, 1.0.6, 1.0.5, 1.0.4
Bugs targeted: 6 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: None

This series contains the bug fixes that filter down from the unstable branch, as well as new features every periodic release. However to keep the stuff in here as stable, you will not get new features immediately. If you just want stability and are not too fussed about the latest and greatest, this series is for you :)

unstable series Active Development
Latest milestones: 1.5.4     Latest releases: 1.5.3, 1.5.0, 1.3.101, 1.3.100, 1.3.99, 1.3.4, 1.3.3, 1.3.2, 1.3.0, 1.0.3, 1.0, 0.98
Bugs targeted: 1 Confirmed, 1 Fix Committed, 68 Fix Released
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown

This series contains the latest and greatest features in Kazam, however as a result it will be a bit unstable. If you want the very bleeding edge features and don't mind doing a bit of bug reporting, this series is for you :)

12 of 2 results