OpenStack Identity (keystone) 2013.1.2

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OpenStack Identity (keystone)
Adam Gandelman
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1 Brant Knudson, 6 Dolph Mathews, 1 Liang Chen
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download icon keystone-2013.1.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) Keystone 2013.1.2 release 678
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This is Keystone 2013.1.2 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1168726 #1168726 default_domain_id breaks the ability to map keystone to ldap 2 Critical Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1170649 #1170649 Removing a user from a project would result to all members of that project to be removed 2 Critical Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1186128 #1186128 Migration 020 incorrectly assigns roles. 2 Critical Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1117356 #1117356 Update API on LDAP does not return the result 4 Medium Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1166182 #1166182 grizzly ignores password variables 4 Medium Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
1167836 #1167836 Lacking initial rule for list_groups_for_user operation in sample policy.json 4 Medium Liang Chen  10 Fix Released
1174585 #1174585 LDAP list group users should not fail if user entry deleted 4 Medium Brant Knudson  10 Fix Released
1073291 #1073291 Update to match docs 6 Wishlist Dolph Mathews  10 Fix Released
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