OpenStack Identity (keystone) 2013.2.2

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OpenStack Identity (keystone)
Alan Pevec
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1 Adam Gandelman, 3 Alan Pevec, 1 Dirk Mueller, 2 Jamie Lennox, 2 Morgan Fainberg
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This is Keystone 2013.2.2 release.


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0 blueprints and 9 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1251123 #1251123 _update_user_list_with_cas causes significant overhead (when using memcached as token store backend) 2 Critical Morgan Fainberg  10 Fix Released
1251757 #1251757 On restart of QPID broker, fanout no longer works 3 High Alan Pevec  10 Fix Released
1253905 #1253905 Keystone doesn't handle UTF8 in exceptions 3 High Jamie Lennox  10 Fix Released
1257293 #1257293 [messaging] QPID broadcast RPC requests to all servers for a given topic 3 High Alan Pevec  10 Fix Released
1266513 #1266513 Some Python requirements are not hosted on PyPI 3 High Morgan Fainberg  10 Fix Released
1178375 #1178375 Orphan exchanges in Qpid and lack of option for making queues [un]durable 4 Medium Alan Pevec  10 Fix Released
1245590 #1245590 List Trusts generates HTTP Error 500 4 Medium Jamie Lennox  10 Fix Released
1253755 #1253755 keystone.token.backends.sql list_revoked_tokens performs very poorly 4 Medium Dirk Mueller  10 Fix Released
1240349 #1240349 publish_errors cfg option is broken 6 Wishlist Adam Gandelman  10 Fix Released
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