LauncherPosta 0.8.1

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Facundo Batista
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download icon launcherposta-0.8.1.deb (md5, sig) Installer for Ubuntu/Debian 35
last downloaded 13 weeks ago
download icon launcherposta-0.8.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) release tarball 90
last downloaded 13 weeks ago
Total downloads: 125

Release notes 

- Better user feedback on command errors and icon usage
- Lot of small GUI improvements
- Improved robustness when handling some ugly details
- Other minor fixes and improvements


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- Better execution and more TODO
- Log and show version of everything at init.
- Remove comment.
- Enable edit/order buttons if have enough lines to work on.
- Only add a command if has command and description.
- More to do.
- Better icon scaling.
- Show the error to the user if command fails to start.
- Show an error to the user if the selected icon for the command is not a valid image.
- All windows have icons in the launcher and in alt-tab window.
- 'Edit' window has a title now.
- Better English.
- Open the version file only if it's found.
- Final details about the release.

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