Libdrizzle Redux 5.0-alpha1 released

Written for Drizzle Client & Protocol Library by Andrew Hutchings on 2012-12-09

The first alpha of our new connector for MySQL servers has been released called Libdrizzle Redux.

The differences between this and the older Libdrizzle are:

* The server-side functionality has been removed, it no longer acts as both a client and server API.
* The Drizzle prototype library functions have been removed. It now only talks to MySQL compatible servers.
* API functions have been simplified. In Libdrizzle there was a big confusion over whether the application or library should be doing the allocation and freeing of objects. It is now less ambiguous.
* New binlog API added. The library can now connect as a slave or mysqlbinlog client and retrieve binlog events.

With many more cool features to come in future versions.

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