Libdrizzle 5.1.2 released

Written for Drizzle Client & Protocol Library by Andrew Hutchings on 2013-01-18

The latest version of the Libdrizzle Redux series of Libdrizzle has been released! Changes in this version:

This is mostly a bug fix release with several important changes:
* Non-blocking Windows connections are now more stable
* Improvements to Windows building
* Unix Socket connections are now more stable
* Memory allocation/freeing has been greatly improved
* Network packet buffer now much more flexible
* Many performance improvements (bundled drizzle_binlogs tool is now around 10x faster on my i7 laptop)

API chages:
* drizzle_query_str() has been removed, drizzle_query() with a 0 byte length parameter now does the same thing.

I will be at FOSDEM 2013 speaking about Libdrizzle in the MySQL dev room. I look forward to seeing you all there!

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