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v1.0-alpha1 release from the trunk series released 2009-12-04

Release information
Release notes:

This is an initial release for feedback and discussion. Some features may be incomplete or buggy.

TO test the library grab a copy of some XCRI-CAP data and use a code sample like this:

// buffer output for better performance
// start document

echo "<html><body>";

// load the content of an XML file to a string variable

$xcricap_string = file_get_contents("/path/to/your/xcri-cap/data.xml");
// turn it into a SimpleXML object

$xcricap = simplexml_load_string($xcricap_string);
// get an instance of the parser

$xcri_cap_parser = new xcri_cap_parser();

// use it to extract the information

$catalog = $xcri_cap_parser->parse_xcri_cap($xcricap_string);
// print out the title of the catalogue (if more ...

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