lierolibre 0.1

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Martin Erik Werner
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Release notes 

Version 0.1 - April 2012, by Martin Erik Werner

 * The gvl library is now included in the source release of lierolibre

 * Several non-free items were removed from the gvl library

 * Extracted variables from LIERO.EXE
   + It is now possible to run lierolibre independently of LIERO.EXE using a text
     config file
   + Variables may be edited directly in the text file
   + Variables may be extracted from a modded LIERO.EXE into a new text file

 * Updated gvl library to build and work with Liero and lierolibre

 * Replaced original sounds with completely free content

 * Added scripts for extracting and repacking sounds, graphics, and levels
   + sounds and graphics are kept in unpacked format and must be packed prior
     to running the game

 * DataPath module for integration into a nix-like system
   + Ability to handle separation between a writable home directory and a
     read-only data directory


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