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Linaro Image Tools 0.4.8 released

Written for Linaro Image Tools by James Westby on 2011-05-26

The Linaro Infrastructure team is pleased to announce the release of
Linaro Image Tools 0.4.8.

Linaro Image Tools offer a set of tools for use with Linaro images.

Highlights of this release:
* Fix booting when using a lot of kernel command line arguments
* Added mpurate=${mpurate} kernel boot argument for Beagle Board. This
  allows the bootloader to set the valuefor the kernel.
* Allow hwpacks to remove packages from the rootfs if needed. This
  allows us to provide hwpacks containing alternative implementations of
  parts of the stack (e.g. accelerated graphics libraries.)
* Fix the output of the linaro-hwpack-create command. It will now report
  progress and the --debug option will once again provide debug

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