Linaro Multimedia UCM 2011.11

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Linaro Multimedia UCM
Feng Wei
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File Description Downloads
download icon alsa-ucm-conf-2011.11.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) alsa ucm configurations 277
last downloaded 33 weeks ago
download icon pulseaudio-v1.1-2011.11.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) patched pulseaudio-v1.1 71
last downloaded 34 weeks ago
download icon pulseaudio-ucm-patches-2011.11.tar.bz2 (md5, sig) pulseaudio and alsa-lib ucm patches 80
last downloaded 34 weeks ago
Total downloads: 428

Release notes 

This release is a baseline implementation, and it's not fully tested by now. Don't patch the ucm_pa_enable.patch except you want to test ucm in pulseaudio, ucm_alsa.patch is necessary to run ucm on pa, please patch it to the release version of alsa-lib.
Files in pulseaudio-ucm-patches-2011.11.tar.bz2:
1. ucm_pa.patch -- patch pulseaudio to support ucm
2. ucm_alsa.patch -- patch alsa-lib for ucm bug fixing
3. ucm_pa_enable.patch -- patch for enable the ucm in pulseaudio

Files in pulseaudio-v1.1-2011.11.tar.bz2
upstream pulseaudio v1.1 + ucm_pa.patch

Testing UCM on different arm boards are welcomed.
To test ucm, you must have ucm configurations for your arm board (they are located at /usr/share/alsa/ucm directory), currently only i.mx53 and panda board's configurations are available in linaro release
Test tools (both from pulseaudio):
1. pactl
2. paplay

Test items:
1. List profiles sinks/sources and ports
        pactl list
    expected result:
        profiles should match the verbs in ucm configuration, sinks and sources should match the actual alsa devices (kind of "hw:x,x"), and ports match the ucm devices combination, that is, every possible combination of ucm devices on same alsa device.
        alsamixer can be used to check alsa mixer settings, you can find it's the result of operations from ucm configurations (by active profile and port)

2. Switch profiles and ports
        pactl set-card-profile
        pactl set-(sink|source)-port
    expected result:
        after switching, you can use "pactl list" to check if the active profile and port are switched as expected.
        again, you can check alsa mixer status by "alsamixer" and verify if it's the result of ucm configurations operated

3. Play or Record
        paplay -r|-p
    expected result:
        the audio should be routed to correct profile/port.

It's a bit complicated, I will improve the test process by LAVA in future.


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    new implementation to support ucm in pulseaudio.

    initialize active_list to avoid segment fault if disable an inactive ucm device or modifier

    add intel "HDA Intel" stub configurations
    change IMX3 to sgtl5000-audio to match mx53 driver's card name
    remove unnecessary volume update in device switch
    make pcm device more accurate for mx53

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UCM baseline implementation in PulseAudio UCM baseline implementation in PulseAudio 3 Medium feng.wei  11 Implemented
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