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2 Amit Kucheria, 6 Daniel Lezcano, 1 Hongbo Zhang, 1 Michael Turquette, 1 Rajagopal Venkat, 1 Rickard Andersson, 1 Rob, 1 Robin Randhawa, 1 Vincent Guittot, 1 sanjay singh rawat
6 Not started, 1 Deferred, 1 Started, 2 Good progress, 5 Implemented, 2 Informational
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Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
cpuidle : upstream the cpuidle driver for big.little (some work for this milestone) 5 Essential Daniel Lezcano  11 Implemented
Thermal framework enhancements for non-ACPI platforms 4 High sanjay singh rawat  7 Good progress
Add support for cpu hotplug on ARM (some work for this milestone) 4 High Vincent Guittot  11 Implemented
cpuidle : write a tool to investigate the behavior of the idle (some work for this milestone) 3 Medium Daniel Lezcano  11 Implemented
tools: Work with Validation/Infrastructure team to add the right kind of LAVA reporting for PM us... (some work for this milestone) 3 Medium Amit Kucheria  11 Implemented
update devfreq core (some work for this milestone) 3 Medium Rajagopal Venkat  11 Implemented
Research idle cycle injection versus hotplug 2 Low Daniel Lezcano  1 Not started
cpuidle p-state dependency investigation 2 Low Daniel Lezcano  1 Not started
Move the cpuidle drivers to the drivers directory 2 Low Daniel Lezcano  2 Deferred
ARM power mgmt - Policy management 2 Low   1 Not started
cpuidle: Homogenise ARM idle state -> C-state mapping 2 Low Robin Randhawa  1 Not started
misc: hw-driven DVFS 2 Low Rob  1 Not started
optimise cpuidle menu governor for hardware assisted idling 2 Low Daniel Lezcano  1 Not started
upstream stericsson u8500 suspend driver 2 Low Hongbo Zhang  5 Started
[tracking] cpuidle: Upstream the driver for the ST-E u8500 2 Low Rickard Andersson  7 Good progress
Common Clock port to Exynos platform Informational 1 Undefined Michael Turquette  12 Informational
thermal: create block diagram for kernel thermal framework Informational (some work for this milestone) 1 Undefined Amit Kucheria  12 Informational
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